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New Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrids: The technology behind the compacts

2019天天鲁夜夜啪视频在线The press driving presentation of the A 250 e (Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert 1,5-1,4 l/100 km, CO2-Emissionen kombiniert 34-33 g/km, Stromverbrauch kombiniert 15,0-14,8 kWh/100 km*) and the B 250 e (Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert 1,6-1,4 l/100 km, CO2‑Emissionen kombiniert 36-32 g/km, Stromverbrauch kombiniert 15,4-14,7 kWh/100...

Lie down! – Fighting motion sickness

2019天天鲁夜夜啪视频在线Kinetosis is a very common ailment. According to an internal investigation, around half of the population has had a personal experience of nausea when travelling by vehicle. At Daimler, I am working at the possibilities of improving the wellbeing of...